Monday, January 28, 2008

Hungry dog

Today while I was at work and Mike was at training...Jack decided he wanted to have a little fun in the kitchen. Usually when we are gone we leave him in the kitchen with a baby gate in front of the door so he can't roam all over. Mike was back at home around 11:30. I got a call and Mike asked if I had bought a loaf of bread yesterday...I said Yes, why? He said well, Jack decided to have the WHOLE LOAF! He didn't eat the plastic...just munched and ate every single piece. WOW! I left the loaf on top of the counter thinking that it would be okay....guess not! We will need to be more careful I guess on what we put up there. Mike had him outside just in case it came back up and I told him not to give him too much water so his stomach wouldn't expand. :) Crazy dog! Gotta love 'em though!