Monday, January 21, 2008


It's nice having a long weekend to feel like you've accomplished things....this weekend we:

  1. taped the bathroom so hopefully we can paint it soon
  2. did 3 loads of laundry
  3. watched our Blockbuster video, Zodiac and even got to watch Oprah today!
  4. cleaned and dusted the kitchen, living room, and bathrooms
  5. "clean sweeped" our office...we got rid of 3 bags of garbage! wow!
  6. organized my scrapbook/Arbonne/Guest bedroom and put away the last few Christmas gifts
  7. went to Dave and Sarah's house to see their rooms that have been looks good!
  8. took lots of medicine and rested to get over this cold I have
  9. Wrote my Masters Application to hopefully get in to the ELL masters program at Mizzou
  10. Talked to the doctor about our IVF that we are hopefully going to try this week! More on that later...

We hope you had a great Martin Luther King Jr. day!


heather said...

comments on your accomplishments...

1 -make sure you paint sooner rather than later... if you leave the tape on for too long, it'll put the paint/finish off of the trim and ceiling when you pull off the tape! Most painters tapes are for 3-5 days... some say up to 7.

2 -I'm just folding three loads of laundry today... that I washed last Wednesday!!

8 -Hope you're feeling better this week!

9 -What?!! Tell me how you're supposed to move out this way next spring if you're in a program at MU??

10 -Yay!! We'll be praying for you guys! :)

Katie said...