Sunday, December 2, 2007

MU not #1... :(

  • It's a sad, sad day here in Columbia as the Tigers lost to the Sooners national championship game! :( I wish we could go back to playing the Jayhawks....Here is a poem about that game.
  • It came to pass on a fall Saturday night The air was chilly, the full moon shone down bright In a stadium filled, seams ready to burst At last we would know which team would be first
  • Tigers did growl and Jayhawks did squawk Cheerleaders leaped, the stadium rocked Black and gold fans, and crimson and blue Nobody found sitting, it's Mizzou and KU
  • Dominant first half starring Daniel to Rucker Down 14 to zip, the Jayhawks did pucker "How could this be" they said with quivering chins "We're number 2, with no losses just wins"
  • Their boasts soon turned hollow and their feathers did droop As the Tigers scored more, the Hawks were too pooped For all of their efforts did not much sense make As they in vain tried to catch a player named Chase
  • Their wine was as vinegar, their cheese was all mold Waving the wheat crushed by pure black and pure gold Their season-long dream of being a contender Tonight it was proved they were just a pretender
  • The fat man so jolly all rosy and red Was in this night knocked from his extra wide sled His QB Reesing so little and sad Could only pull sod from his busted head
  • On to San Antonio the Tigers did roar Revenge against OU and then something more As the fans did gleefully get up and dance Soon we can say that we're National Champs! (Not this year...) Author Unknown