Sunday, December 23, 2007

Let's play catch up

  • I don't even know where to start with catching you up on what's been going I am going to have to blog by days, boring....I know. But it's all I got! :)

  • Tuesday: Once a month, a group of gals get together and we play Bunco. For December, we decided to get together and do a gift exchange, dinner and drinks instead of playing. We all brought White Elephant gifts and had a hilarious time "stealing" gifts or deciding if you wanted to open new one. The favorite gift of the night was a t-shirt that had Brody Jenner on it.....everyone wanted that one! :)

        • Thursday: Our last day....we had a very busy day. We had our school sing a long, Secret Santa exchange, and our class party. The kids had a blast during our secret santa exchange. They each made their own "wish list" and wrote down 3 books, 2 candies, and 2 school supplies they would like. Their secret santa then chose 1 book for them and had the option of getting 1 or both school supplies and candy. it was awesome! They tried to be sneaky and for the most part, no one knew who had them. We ordered the books through Scholastic and I wrapped them and they were in charge of bringing in their candy/school supplies. When it was time, they each went around and tried to guess who had them....only 2 people guessed right! They loved opening the presents...of course! But they really enjoyed watching the person they bought gifts for.....'tis the season for giving! We had our school sing a long and my class decided they wanted to sing Alvin and the Chipmunks song. They acted it out and performed and did a great job! It was the best song for them to do since they are a fun, crazy bunch! During our party, the parents did an amazing job. We had a cozy winter party and the kids could wear their slippers...we had hot cocoa, waffles with tons of different toppings and played pictionary with holiday words. Then, we did a snowman race. They had to put on a scarf and gloves, unwrap a hershey kiss and eat it, then run to the other side of the classroom and put their nose in vasoline and stick on a pom pom ball. it was so cute! They had a blast and we were all pooped by the end of the day...well worth it though! We had some great memories!
        • Friday night we had Mike's work Christmas party and we had a blast. There was a dinner with his department and we played name that tune with cop tv shows...funny. After dinner and some drinks, 12 of his coworkers decided that we still should party, so we hopped in some cabs and went to a nearby bar. We talked, laughed, took some funny pictures and when the bar closed, decided we STILL wanted to party. I offered to have everyone back to our house. We cabbed there and had about 12 other officers over (I've never had that many cops in my house! ha!). We played pool, talked, and had a great time....until 5:30 in the MORNING! read that right. We stayed up until 5:30 AM! I haven't done that since college! We had a blast and it was a great time for Mike and I to get to know some of his colleages a little bit better. Here are just a few pictures...

        • Last night we got into town (STL) and had a game night with the Morrisons, Swinigans, and Mohrs over at Heather's house. Even though we got their kind of late, we had a great time catching up and just relaxing. Thanks for having us over!!! Heather and I had to sit through all the Greenville reminscing....everyone else went to college we were the odd men (women) out! :) It was fun to hear about all the pranks they pulled on each other and to their other friends...and they even busted out the old pictures! Too funny!
        • I hope everyone has a restful Christmas Eve Eve!!!! 'Tis the season for friends and family!


        Heather S. said...

        It was great to see you guys! Merry Christmas! Enjoy your break!!!