Saturday, December 15, 2007

Holiday Hustle

Wow! Things have been SO busy lately and I'm sure it's not just me feeling this way. I can't believe how fast Christmas got here! We only have 4 days left of school! crazy! We had our Holiday Choir Concert at school on Thursday night and the kids did an excellent job. They were so stinkin' cute dressed up. Here are just a few pictures... This is the "real" kids! ha! How cute are they in their Santa hats???!!! This was my favorite song they sang. They did the 12 days of Christmas and for each day the child had a unique hat on. It was adorable! The 8 maids of milking was my favorite....he had on a white stocking cap with black holes and it said "Got Milk?" Too cute! We also are doing Secret Santas in our class and each child is going to recieve a book that their Santa choose. They each made their own "wish list" and their Santa choose the book and have the option of getting them 1 school supply and 1 candy of their choice. It is going to be fun to reveal who had who on Thursday. My kids make fun of our classroom Christmas tree....
Can you spot it amongst all those presents? It looks like a branch right?!
That's what my kids call it at least! ha!
Even better, we woke up this morning we woke up with this. :) Mike had to go to work so he was up at 5 am shoveling our driveway and our front porch....and it is still snowing here!
Have a great Saturday!