Thursday, September 13, 2007

Time and Thoughts for Thursday

I can't even tell you where the time goes during the week! I feel completely rushed all week and never have a second to actually sit down and type out something meaningful or even actually semi-decent. School has been going students are behaving which is always a plus but there is DRAMA...all the time it feels like. Sometimes it feels like I'm back in high school with all of that crap. Mike has been working hard as well and it seems like we never actually get any 1 on 1 time during the week. I am either grading papers or I have a meeting late or I have an arbonne function. Tonight he is working the twilight festival and that is from 6-11 pm so when he gets home I'll be sleeping. Last night we did make it a "date night" and went to go see Superbad....too funny! There were some...let's make that....ALOT of inappropriate moments but overall it was funny! How do you manage your time???? With jobs, blogging, extra things, kids, families, fun???? I feel on the go... all. the. time. DO you have a certain time each day you try to blog, talk on the phone, dinner....Let me hear your thoughts!!!!!


heather said...

Girl, you think you're busy?!!
All I have to say is wait until you have kids. One on one time with Mike? Down time where you're not busy?? You don't know how good you have it my friend ;)

Nicole said...


Second... Managing time. This is something I seriously struggle with. Right now, with school, here is my "typical" work day..

*Get ready for work
*Take P to sitter
*Pick P up at sitters
*Maybe run a few SHORT errands
*P naps at home
*Work on client sessions, catch up on phone calls/emails (both client and personal), package any orders that came in, blog, Oh, yeah, eat lunch (usually around 2pm by the time I get to it)
*Ry gets home, P wakes up: spend time together, or run errands or whatever. One or two nights a week I have sessions at 4pm, so often I leave and get home around P's bedtime.
*Family time, or if I'm slammed with sessions I work.
*P's bath, bedtime routine and P in bed
*After Porter is in bed Ry usually watches sports (which I pretty much loathe), and I usually proof sessions on the computer, work more (night is usually when I do my bookwork for my business... BLEH), sometimes scrapbook, and do some blogging/internet stuff.

So, that's our typical work day. It sucks. I work two part time jobs, and it totals WAY more than full time (by the hours I put in). Ich.

I second Heather's comment.. wait till you add a little one or two... it gets WAY busier. And I don't even want to think about when the kids are in school and there are activities and school functions to add on top of that mountain of a "to do" list.

K.M.L said...

Maybe when we have kiddos I'll just have to stop teaching... :)
Thanks for your thoughts!

Dan and Amanda said...

I agree with the thoughts above... You would think as a "stay-at-home mom" I would have some down time...nope! We have school functions, soccer games and practices, gymnastics, church functions and responsibilities. Those are on top of groceries, cooking, cleaning, laundry, blah, blah, blah.
As I write, I have a pile of laundry sitting on the floor that reaches to at least waist level, waiting to be washed... :)

Katie said...

I hate school drama....with the kids, parents, and or staff..ughhh, annoying!!

As for time....Ummmm, there is none!! And with kid(s), even less!!

Good Luck with school and time management!!