Sunday, September 9, 2007


Wow! I can't believe this is my 200th post! Hopefully I haven't been too boring! :) This past week has been crazy busy. After getting back from Indy I was very first I thought it was allergies, but as of today, I am STILL sick! augh! I can't get over it. Monday - Wednesday were kind of a blur for me. I felt like medicine head all day long. We celebrated a few times by going out to dinner for Mike's bday and even Amanda's on Tues. :) Friday I had an Arbonne party for one of my business builders and got to showcase the new Holiday products! Yeah! They are amazing! If anyone is interested in Arbonne's pure, safe, beneficial products for the holidays, please let me know! Gift baskets are available!
Saturday, I went to Kansas City for an Arbonne training and then Mike and I watched Remember the Titans last night. This movie gets me every time!!! I can always count on myself to cry at the SAME moments, no matter how many times I've watched it! Does anyone else cry during the SAME part of the matter how many times you've seen it? it just me? :) Today Mike is working and I am going to drive to Warrenton (where the outlet malls are) and meet my mom and sister for lunch and a little bit of shopping! I hope everyone had a great weekend and I promise to try and blog more interesting stuff next week! :)


Ferris Family said...

Ad ay at the outlet mall... I'm very jealous.
It's not just you, I cry at the same movies, at the same parts all the time! Heck, I cry watching Extreme Makeover Home Edition, every time they bring a new family home.

Katie said...

I loved when I used to work for Lancome and get new products and go to the "trainings" was sooooo much fun!!

I'm jealous....outlet mall, I need to do some major shopping, I think I'm gonna go soon for some new fall wardrobe stuff. And take Mom with, she always tends to HAVE to get Donnie a few new items...Haha!!