Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Last Day

Today is our last day before winter break....this is what teaching is all about! ha! The kids are ready for break, their are a TON of presents on my desk, and I can't wait until our class party! They get so excited and they really do have a great time. We have our school sing-a-long this afternoon and then the parents in my room do a FANTASTIC job planning for the party. They have games, food, crafts...its a blast! I love that I can just sit back and relax and take pictures...so be sure to check back when I post them later. Mike and I are going to have a busy Christmas break, but we will get to see a TON of family! I am so excited!!!! We leave tomorrow for Vegas so we have to get all ready for that tonight and make sure Jack's things are ready because Dave is going to take care of him while we are gone. So...thanks Dave for watching him! We get back to St. Louis on Christmas Eve and we will be at my parents house where all of her 10 brothers and sister and my cousins will be....its chaos, but totally worth it! Then we will be with my sister and her husband and my grandma, parents and brother on Christmas Day opening presents, lounging around, and will hopefully go see a movie! Mike's parents are then going to pick us up on Tues. (Dave is bringing Jack to my parent's house on Christmas Day night) so my parents can watch him while we leave Tues. with the Laughlin side to go to Indianapolis to have Christmas there with Mike's older brother and his wife and our nieces...they are so cute! I am really excited to see them! Anyway....it will be BUSY....but FUN!!!!! Have a Merry Christmas and check back later for some pics! ;)


heather said...

Can't wait to hear all about your trip! About all your trips!!
Hope you really enjoy yourselves and have a great Christmas!