Friday, November 4, 2016

Happy November!

Here's what we've been up to lately  ❤️
Love being able to jump back into the blogging world. I've missed this.

Making: a mess in my room going through and putting summer clothes away and getting winter clothes out and ready to be washed.
Drinking: Ningxia Red and a Zyng. I really would like to go to bed but definitely need to get some things finished. 
Reading: i have a few that I've started and just really need to pick one I think to focus and then finish it. I've been working on Love warrior, You Before Me, Uninvited, Trim healthy Mama and Food Chaining. 
Wanting: my walls and kitchen cabinets painted in this house. Hoping I can get this done by spring break. 
Looking: At the leaves falling off the trees and seeing the fall colors still up! Hoping they stay up for a little bit longer. 
Deciding: Lots. Lots of medical decisions. Hoping to get some things finalized and cleared up. Deciding on Christmas gifts and if I should make some or buy and needing to get started on that soon. 
Enjoying: The show This is Us. Seriously. So good. Reminds me of Parenthood. Love the real ness of this. 
Waiting: To finally see Mike. It's been four days in a row and besides passing each  other in the morning when I leave for work, it would be nice to have a full conversation in person. 
Liking: The way the boys have been playing and helping each other lately. 
Loving: Friends! Online friends. Real world friends. Family friends. Childhood friends. Love being able to connect in person or over social media. 
Pondering: Should I just start painting the living room or talk to Mike about it first. Lol!
Listening: To the boys sound machine and wanting to start listening to Christmas music now!
Buying: Today it was groceries and soon it will be Christmas gifts.

Hoping: For 20 lbs to magically disappear. 
Wearing: Mizzou sweats and sweatshirt. 
Disliking: The election and hate it has brought. 
Opening: new opportunities and a new mindset on doing what is best for our family. 
Giggling: When listening to the boys play and hearing the different scenarios they are making up. 
Feeling: Blessed and tired. 
Embracing: Changing seasons. Where we are in this moment.

Man. Time flies. 
Look how little they were. Wanting and needing to get back to documenting our lives here. 
Let's do this!


Nicole said...

If you figure out how to make 20lbs disappear... let me know. Lulu and I listened to Christmas music at bedtime on her radio! YESSS. She was dancing with her arms :) :)

K.M.L said...

Supercute. Need a video of her dancing soon!