Friday, July 15, 2016

Friday Faves!

Something that I've been doing for awhile is share what I am loving lately and today is NO different! Today is definitely a happy Friday! The sun is shining, we are halfway through July and we have a fun weekend planned.

Here are some favorites lately to help decorate our new home.

I've always loved Meg Duerksen and have followed her blog for years. She loves color and it just makes me SO happy!

Can't wait to hang this print and 2 others in the playroom!

Wishful Printing from Etsy

Can't wait to hang this style in our guest room. I ordered 9 to display on the wall in the spare bedroom and it will fit in perfect with the wall color and new bed spread. WOOT! Love the quotes she has in her shop. 

Artful Life Designs from Etsy created a custom piece for our family. I love it.

I've been wanting to find a piece of artwork or print that shows our family picture in a sentimental way for us. Since we never did get to see our third baby, I felt like this really was a way to share for us. Can't wait to get this framed and hung in our house.

SK Wood Designs

 For the last Friday Favorites I got this from the above etsy shop and I LOVE how it turned out. This little piece is going to go in our living room and I'm excited to showcase both Columbia and St. Louis. STL will always be my home even though we've been here in Columbia for 12 years :)