Monday, November 19, 2012

NYC Anniversary Trip days 2 and 3

 Day 1 can be seen here...

Wednesday was our only full day and it was jam packed! :)

It took an hour to wait for the subway (which should have taken 15 minutes tops)...we should have just walked across the bridge. Since Hurricane Sandy, two of the trains from Brooklyn were still flooded, so everyone had to take the only available one. Once we got on, there was literally no room to move. We were jam packed in there...couldn't turn your head or anything. :)

 Once we picked up Mike's friend, Jesse from his apartment, our first stop was Clinton St. Baking Co. and it was SO SO SO good. Definitely worth the wait for brunch.

After breakfast it had started raining and it was cold! We headed down to Times Square to shop a little and walk around and grab lunch before heading to Jimmy Fallon.

 We even made it on the jumbo-tron :)

Stopped in lots of stores to warm up and get out of the rain. Toys R Us, Disney and the M & M Store...

 Our view during lunch...

We headed over to Rockefeller Center after lunch at Bubba Gumps to get ready for Jimmy Fallon. It was still amazing to see Rockefeller Center after all of the election coverage. NBC stuff was everywhere and people were breaking down the tents, etc getting it all ready to load back up.

Lego land...

 Rockefeller Center lego land style

 So excited to head to NBC studios to see Jimmy Fallon. It was definitely a process getting tickets. You have to call a month ahead of time to get them unless you wanted to try to get them the day of for standby. Then, get to Rockefeller Center about 1.5 hours before the scheduled show. You wait in line to have them check your confirmation paper/number. Then you get a ticket and a wristband. Then you have to come back in 1 hour to get in line again for the live taping of the show (taped at 4:30 pm). Once you head back to the entrance, you get in line based on number and you head into the studio. No cell phones or pictures. :( I was so sad. I at least wanted to get a picture of the inside of the studio. It is pretty small though. On our show was Kristen Stewart and it was so fun watching her and Jimmy interact. They even played a huge game of quarters. :) A great time and I'm so excited we got to go!

After Jimmy Fallon we headed outside of Rockefeller Center and it was SNOWING!!

We headed to meet my friend, Martine, and Mike's friend, Nick for dinner and drinks.
After a couple of subway changes we made it :)
We spent about 3-4 hours there catching up with everyone and telling lots of stories. Definitely a great night. 

When we woke up the next morning, we had to get ready to head to the airport. Thankfully our flight wasn't cancelled (airports shut down Wed. night from the snow) but we wanted to get there early to be sure. :) We had a beautiful view and we were so thankful that my cousin and his wife (and their roomie, Ryan) let us stay there. Definitely saved us a ton of money for our anniversary trip.

On the cab ride to the airport, we facetimed with Evan. :)

Heading home. A great way to spend our 10 year anniversary...even thought it isn't until Dec.28th ;)
A great trip and great memories....
Love you Mike...xoxo