Saturday, November 17, 2012

Date 11 of 12: New York anniversary trip day 1

For our 10 year anniversary in December, Mike and I headed to New York City for a few days!
Even though it was a quick trip (left Tuesday morning and got back home on Thursday evening) we had such a great time. This was our first time leaving the boys...Evan stayed with my parents and Alex stayed with Mike's. It was fun to just spend quality time with my husband and not worrying about diapers, sippy cups, naps, etc. :)  A great way to spend our 10 year anniversary! :) Even better is that we both got to see some friends. I got to see my college roomie, Martine and Mike got to see two of his high school friends.We stayed at my cousin, Matthew and his wife Rebecca's apartment, unfortunately they were on vacation in Iceland!  I'm breaking up these posts by days...but of course, there is still an overload of pictures ;)

and we are off...

Hello NYC!

Heading over the Williamsburg Bridge for the day in the city.

 Jumped on the subway and got off to explore around the World Trade Center site and Battery Park.

World Trade Center

After exploring and eating lunch, we headed back towards Matthew's place and walked across the Brooklyn Bridge. This was one of my favorite parts of our trip. The sun was setting and even though it was cold, it was just a perfect time to make some memories with my hubby, walking and enjoying the sights :) It was a beautiful walk!

This was taken with my point and shoot with the panoramic setting and I love it. :)

After getting back home (which turned out to be A LOT longer than we thought because Nitehawk Cinema was completely around the Navy Pier and the bridge. It was getting dark and we weren't in the greatest of neighborhoods, so we hailed a cab and made it back to Matthew's place. :)

Mike's high school friend, Jesse, met up with us at Matthew's cinema, Nitehawk and we quickly headed up to the 5th floor where Matthew's apartment is to freshen up before heading back to the 2nd floor for dinner/drinks and the movie, Looper.

 This is the view from Matthew and Rebecca's rooftop :)

And this is the kitchen/living room and spiral staircase to their office and the door to their roof. SO cool and we were so thankful to stay here for the 3 days! 

We had a great night watching the movie, eating dinner and also watched the Presidential Election unfold at their apartment. :)

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