Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Field Trip

We couldn't get a babysitter today so I stayed home. It was perfect timing because my students (3-5th grade) were going and I wouldn't be seeing them at school today anyway.
They headed to Bradford Farms for some pumpkin picking and corn maze and a tractor ride. I got permission to go and bring Evan and Alex.
They were in heaven! My students loved helping Evan though the corn maze....they took off with him and I'm sure they got lost, but we all ended up at the same place and Evan had a blast. They got to pick their own pumpkins as long as they could carry them! :)

It was a great morning. Alex fell asleep immediately in the car and even stayed asleep when I carried him inside and even changed his diaper...He was wiped out!

They had to raise their hands when they were ready for help cutting their pumpkins off of the vine :)