Thursday, March 1, 2012


lots going on....this will be all over the place! :) Here's 10 things going through my head right this minute.

  • mad that grey's isn't new tonight
  • Alex has 2 new teeth that finally popped through the top. If you rub your finger over them, he laughs and laughs. It's pretty funny actually...the best part is when Evan is around and watches me do this, he laughs the loudest because Alex is laughing too!
  • It's been a crazy week around our house. The weatherization guys are here....lots of nail guns, installing windows, doors, pounding, hammering, sawing, putting new insulation in downstairs and in the attic. The good news is that it is looking good, progress is being made and I'm hoping they are done soon to start cleaning up all of the dust and starting to get things reorganized, etc. The bad news is all of the dust and cleaning we'll have to do once they are finally done.
  • Evan has had the best few days at preschool and I'm so thankful. He's been a helper to other kids and even got to call down for breakfast using the phone. He calls everything "lunch" lately, so he told the cooks, that they needed 8 lunches. (they realized that at 8 am it was breakfast...ha!) :) Fun! He also has been using the big potty at school and at home, so I'm hoping that he'll be out of diapers soon! :) Fingers crossed!
  • Project Life is still going great and I still have last week's to post, but just know that it is a great way to document the every day life. I'm so thankful that by the end of the year I'll have our 2012 scrapbook done! :) Trying to get Alex's 1st year album and baby book caught up.
  • I am in the midst of putting together Evan and Alex's yearly picture slideshow. I can't believe how fast  this year has gone. Looking at these pictures and how young and little they! Kind of makes me want another one sooner rather than later...but that is definitely not going to happen soon! 
  • Mike's been busy with his PdD classes and projects and papers and trying to keep up with all of his cases at work, but when he is here, we've been playing Ticket to Ride. Thanks Ryan and Heather for introducing this game to us! Love it!
  • Alex has his ENT appointment tomorrow...hoping we'll get some news and answers about his ears.
  • So excited for a wedding reception this Saturday! I'm excited to get dressed up and go out with my hubby and see friends. 
  • March Madness...can't wait to fill out my bracket! :) 
How's that for random!?!?! Enjoy! :)


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