Sunday, January 24, 2010

Writer's Block

For my Master's Class this semester our first assignment is to write our life story, otherwise known as an autobiography. I've had the assignment for the last week, but just can't seem to get the juices flowing. I'm not sure where to start, what to really go into details with, etc. Since the class is Celebration of Good Books through Reading, we are supposed to write more about how we learned to read and write and influences with that. We can also add information about our family, hobbies, etc. I have lots of ideas swirling through my head but just can't seem to mesh it all together so it doesn't sound so boring! I want to get this done today...I have about 2 pages done but keep getting interrupted by making dinner, watching the Saints score, and playing around on facebook! ha! I guess I just need to go into hibernation to finish this up tonight. Any ideas you have would be appreciated. :)


Laura said...

For my class last semester, we had to do a free write about our first memory. Maybe you can start from there...Because that's really where your autobiography starts!

Sounds like fun...

Mary said...

Hopefully you will have finished the autobiography by the time you come back here to read this.... but two ideas :
1. Talk into a tape recorder and just tell about your first memories of reading/favorite book. Then transcribe and tweak.

2. Use a favorite childhood book and make an analogy of it with your life. Ex: The little Engine That Could--go through the plot and highlight areas that fit with your life. This book would be good for a reader that struggled ( not you, I'm sure!)

Good Luck!

heather said...

um, there's a reason I'm not in school...!
good luck!