Sunday, July 22, 2007


TONS of pictures ahead!!! The Indy Laughlins visited us this past weekend and we had a blast seeing them! It was great to catch up and see our little nieces. They are so cute! We had a huge "makeshift" slip-n-slide and little pool to play in. We had fun watching Jack and their dog, Jackson, play together at our house. They were so cute and got along great! Amanda and I had a great time catching up and playing Dance Dance Revolution on Playstation 2 and trying to get better at it each time! It was a great workout!!!! Mike and his brothers had fun playing basketball and Mariokart! On Saturday, (of course I had to pick up the NEW Harry Potter book) before the Morrisons came over. We had such a good time watching their kids, Sawyer (which Mallory would pronounce Say-wer) and Savannah playing with Madison and Mallory. They would play make believe in the pool and on the slip-n-slide. The girls seemed so grown up going down it! It was great to catch up on some things with Heather and just sit with her and Amanda watching the boys being goof-balls on the water things. It was a great weekend and here is the overload of pictures...Enjoy!


Katie said...

WOW!! That slip-n-slide looks AWESOME, & it looks like the kids....and adults had a ton of fun!!

**That would be right up Don's alley....something he would enjoy doing w/ Ryan & L.D.!!