Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Jack and Mango

Jack, 1 year 6 months

Mango, Almost 4.5 months old
Mike and I are going to be watching Kyle and Melanie's new little puppy, Mango, from May 31st to June 12th while they are in Europe. (Can we say jealous!). We decided to make sure both dogs got along okay and to see if Jack would get along and not hurt this little puppy. They had SO much fun. Mango was a little scared at first....I mean come on....Jack IS over 100 pounds! Mango is a quick little girl though and Jack did have a hard time keeping up after he got tired! We had to make sure Jack didn't try to hurt her because I don't think he realizes how strong he is! They had a blast playing fetch, chase, and running from each other. Jack even let Mango lick his face and drink from his water bowl....awwww....friendship blossoming! We can't wait to watch her! Here are a few pictures we took! Enjoy!

Here is a picture of Jack at 3 MONTHS old and Mango at almost 4 1/2 months old and Mango still looks tiny next to him!


Russ, Katie and Eliot said...

I love the puppy pics!! So stinkin' cute!