Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Another Snow/Ice Day...

Well, there is no school for Wed. already! I can't believe this....I don't want to go to school in June! Agh! They can not get the parking lots, sidewalks, and back roads clear, so we don't have school again. But hopefully they can get them cleared and we will be a 2 day week and we can go on Thursday and Friday. We'll see though. Gotta go...American Idol is on! Woo-hoo! Have a great night!


heather said...

Wow, it seems everyone is getting hit all at once. I'm at Ryan's mom's in Portland and we're stuck here for a few days as the city is basically shut down after a surprise dump of snow this morning. And freezing rain on top of that expected tonight.

Well, at least enjoy your day off!